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Amy Magana,
US Olympic Diver

"As an Olympian, I know about hard work, dedication, and love of the sport. I respect Captain Jerry’s work ethic to provide my family and I with the absolute best experience. Resolute Charters practices the philosophy of Olympism by combining sport with culture and education. Captain Jerry uses high quality fishing gear, like Grandt Rods, and shares his knowledge of freshwater fishing and the history of Lake Michigan. I will always cherish this experience and remember the time that I caught some badass fish with Captain Jerry!”

Amy Magana.jpeg

Thomas Corrao, WI,

"Captain Jerry was an impressive figure, with a contagious enthusiasm that set the tone for the day. Even with rough waters and 15 fishing rods in the water, he moved around the boat with high energy, always striving to make sure his clients had the best chance at success. I was amazed by his dedication to his craft, even in difficult conditions."

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